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Technology Helps Coaching and Player Development at WNY Flash Academy

09/22/2017 7:02 AM -

Technology Helps Coaching and Player Development at WNY Flash Academy

Elma, New York (September 22, 2017) -- Introduced and trialled during the spring of 2017, the WNY Flash is excited to roll out its plans to introduce video analysis as part of it's player development platform for all U13 and older teams during 2017-18. 
Flash Director of Coaching, Rob Ferguson, noted, "Individual visual feedback, analysis and learning, along with team tactical concept training are two of the biggest benefits we expect our players to experience as we introduce this next step in player development". 
Ferguson adds "To process pictures painted in training, using stationary players or objects and words is one thing, to see the same pictures highlighted in actual flowing games involving our players (themselves) and teams, on both sides of the ball, good and bad, is a whole different level. Players will be able to connect the dots of 'when', 'why', and 'how' to the 'what' they are currently asked to execute, allowing them to better understand roles and responsibilities in the context of the game. Ultimately this increases their ability to really impact the game. Impacting the game should be the goal of every player, every game."
The WNY Flash Academy has purchased two Hi-Pod systems and HD Camera's to record games for it's U13 and older teams throughout the year. We can also upload footage of our games recorded by other teams or by parents independently. The Hi-Pods elevate the camera 25 to 35 feet to maximize the view for tactical analysis and highlight clips.
Flash players who are in the college recruiting process will be able to take advantage of this technology there also. The club has partnered with HUDL and every one of our U14 and older players has their own account with access to all of the footage we upload for their team. Players can then edit clips and highlights of themselves on to highlight reels to share with college coaches.

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