For many Western New York area soccer players and their families, finding the right environment to grow, mature, and maximize your child's potential as a soccer player is the first and most crucial decision in their development. Our WNY Flash Academy Competitive Program offers boys ages 8-18 an incredible opportunity to play and compete at a local and regional level.

It is a top priority for our staff to assist our players in the Competitive Program in fulfilling each player's individual goals as a soccer player. It is our goal to ensure development on and off the field for each player through the following:

  1. A highly competitive and enjoyable curriculum
  2. Unparalleled facilities
  3. A professional coaching staff devoted to giving back to the future of the game
  4. A positive club culture that is based on a tradition of success teaching players many life skills such as teamwork, communication, discipline, work ethic, and sacrifice.
  5. Excellent competition platforms, challenging players which will help them reach their personal goals of playing at the collegiate level, in conjunction with our College Placement Program.

Form teams through annual tryouts or approved through individual evaluations. The Competitive Program focus is to provide foundations and fundamentals to all players looking to begin or continue along with their development in preparation to play at their desired levels.

Our emphasis is player-centric, and we will prioritize the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological development of individual players on a pathway towards maximizing their full potential.

Our Competitive Level teams will foster and create an environment where players are able to grow, develop, and improve as they continue to learn the game.

Our WNY Flash Academy philosophy and methodology puts players individual development at the center of our focus. As players develop through our carefully designed curriculum, training sessions, and games, teams will thrive. Players aged 8-12 will benefit from a balanced approach to winning, competing, and developing through the “Flash” style of play. These approaches allow the players to be introduced to several positions, systems, and formations so that every individual becomes a more complete player.

As players move from the small sided games to 11 aside at age U13, we begin to shift our focus. This is the time that specializing players to ensure they are maximizing their skillset with regard to systems and positions is cemented. Players will continue to master their technical ability and begin to become more of a student of the game through the tactical side of the game. The pillars of the Flash legacy will become more prominent on an everyday basis and the expectations for all training and games: discipline, work ethic, teamwork, respect, sacrifice, and willingness to compete.

Players U13 and up have the ability to either begin/continue their high school careers while still playing for the WNY Flash Academy. This is important from a leadership development standpoint, as well as a community and social experience.

We know each and every player has different aspirations and whatever that may be as a competitive player on the WNY Flash Academy, we will ensure we are giving you the programming to get there.


  • 2-3 training sessions per week (beginning Sundays in September for ages 13 and up; mid-September for U8 - U12, running through to end of June)
  • 2-3 local or regional tournaments*
  • Local indoor leagues throughout the winter*
  • Qualified license coach
  • Participation in the Great Lakes Alliance (GLA) and NYSW Thruway League*

*Not included in Club Fee