Lionel Messi and Tobin Heath are two of the most skillful and ‘crafty’ players in the game of soccer today. Their confidence and style of play have allowed them to be top players in the world for their creativity and skill. The WNY Flash recognizes the need to create more confident players who can express themselves on the ball during gameplay in a fashion similar to Messi and Heath.

In order to better develop creative and confident soccer players, the WNY Flash created The Center of Excellence (COE). COE programming puts an emphasis on individual skill with the ball to assist players with their expression and innovation during gameplay. Small-group training which allows the ball to be at the player’s feet as much as possible provides the basic structure for these sessions.

Professional and highly experienced coaches, leading and mentoring players at the COE, will challenge and elevate attendee's skills during each intense one-hour session. Players will participate in age-appropriate groups. Drills include, but are not limited to, ball manipulation, 1v1 moves and techniques, both offensive and defensive, speed and movement on and off the ball, and agility.

Coaching players to be the best they can be, instructing them how they can best accentuate their natural abilities, and teaching them to reach outside their comfort zone will help your player reach the next level in their development.


Who should attend the COE?

The COE is designed for boys and girls ages 8-14 looking to improve technical ability.  Attendees will be highly motivated and dedicated to the sport of soccer.  

When & where will the COE be held?

The program is offered as seven (7) week sessions.  There are three (3) sessions currently scheduled, beginning the first week of November and running through the beginning of April.  Training takes place at Epic Sports Center, 2793 Wehrle Drive, Williamsville, New York 14221

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